Research Engineer Position in Quantum Electronics – Ecole Polytechnique, PMC, QCMX Lab, France

At Polytechnique (posted 23/06/2021, apply before 30/09/2021)

Ecole Polytechnique and the laboratory “Physique de la Matière Condensée” (PMC) is offering a permanent position to a person willing to join the QCMX Lab as a researcher engineer, with comprehensive skills in nanofabrication, electronics, and/or computer science. The candidate will participate in the experimental development of the QCMX Lab where he will take the role of expert in circuit fabrication and electronic instrument control. More generally, he will have the opportunity to bring his/her energy and creativity to multiple research projects within the PMC laboratory.

Job description:

  •       Participate in designing and fabricating experimental parts (sample holders, mechanical parts, electronic boxes & PCB) required for electrical and microwave measurements at both room and cryogenic temperature (10 mK) and improve the electrical setups.
  •       Supervise and assist other researchers and students in quantum circuit fabrication for the different ongoing projects. Improve fabrication processes and develop new ones.
  •       Participate in the development of the carbon nanotube platform (growth, optical characterization, circuit integration).
  •       Implement software programs for data acquisition and processing, or assist the researchers in this task.
  •       Participate in the microwave design and simulation of quantum circuits.

Required qualifications:

  •      PhD in experimental physics, engineering or material science concerning micro and nanofabrication of devices, preferably quantum.
  • The candidate should have a solid competence in and/or an enthusiasm for

o    Micro- and nano-fabrication in clean-room (lithography, evaporation …)

o    Electronics design and fabrication (DC and microwave)

o    Python programming and remote control of electronic instruments

o    Mechanical design and fabrication

o    Electrical measurements at cryogenic temperature.

  • The candidate must be able to work easily with others, and communicate in English and French.

About the institute:

The École Polytechnique is widely internationalized and combines research, teaching and innovation at the highest scientific and technological level. Its training promotes a culture of excellence with a strong emphasis on science, open to a great humanist tradition. The École Polytechnique is an integral part of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, along with four other French engineering schools (ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis). As a public institution of higher education and research, the Institut Polytechnique de Paris has two major ambitions: to develop excellent training programs and cutting-edge research. Thanks to the academic roots of its five founding schools and its alliance with HEC, IP Paris is positioned as a leading institution of higher education and research in France and internationally. Through its specific training programs – bachelor’s degree, masters of science and technology, polytechnic engineering cycle, executive master’s degree, continuing education – or integrated into the Institut Polytechnique de Paris – master’s degree, doctoral program, doctorate – the École Polytechnique trains managers with a strong multidisciplinary scientific culture by exposing them to both the world of research and that of business. Its 23 laboratories, 22 of which are joint research units with the CNRS, are integrated into the research departments of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris and work at the frontiers of knowledge on major interdisciplinary scientific, technological and societal issues.

About the laboratory and the team:

The Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics (PMC) is a joint CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique unit (UMR 7643) directed by Mathis Plapp (DR CNRS). It is part of the CNRS Institute of Physics and Institute of Chemistry and its activities are annually evaluated by four sections of the CNRS (03, 05, 14, 15). The laboratory is composed of four research groups, and two support groups (administrative and technical). Scientific activities are organized into two main areas, either nanosciences or irregular systems. The four scientific groups are: “Physics of Irregularity”, “Electrons, photons, surfaces” (EPS), “Electrochemistry and thin films” and “Solid state chemistry”. The permanent staff belongs partly to the CNRS and partly to the Ecole Polytechnique. The vast majority of the doctoral students are under a doctoral contract with the Ecole Polytechnique.

The QCMX Lab is a team part of the EPS Group. It was funded in 2017 by Jean-Damien Pillet and Landry Bretheau who are both assistant professors at Ecole Polytechnique. On top of them, the team is composed in Oct 2021 of two PhD Students and two Post-doctoral Associates. The QCMX Lab is dedicated to the experimental study of hybrid quantum circuits. Our strategy consists in interfacing superconducting circuits, routinely used to process quantum information, with low-dimensional quantum conductors, in particular ultra-clean carbon nanotubes, in order to isolate individual fermions and probe their quantum properties. To achieve this goal, the QCMX Lab has been awarded several prestigious grants from Ecole Polytechnique, DIM Sirteq, ANR and ERC. The team relies on a set of experimental setups to perform quantum electronics experiments at milliKelvin temperatures using dilution refrigerators and electronic instruments (both at low-frequency and in the GHz range). The nanofabrication is performed in the Saclay and Paris shared clean-room facilities.

How to apply:

Applicants must provide curriculum vitae, list of publications and patents, two recommendation letters, statement of research experience and accomplishments, letter of motivation that directly addresses how their profile is in lines with the job opening, and any other document that they consider as relevant. Ecole Polytechnique is an equal opportunity institute.

Applications expected before September 30, 2021.




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Landry Bretheau - Contacter
Ecole Polytechinique (Palaiseau, France)

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